Paradeep, the waterway shutter in industrialization at Plastimo

The innovative Paradeep waterway sealing system goes from prototype to industrialization thanks to a partnership with the Plastimo fittings manufacturer. A first step towards rapid commercialization.

2 years of development

The Paradeep is an innovative waterway closure system designed by Alain Malardé. Its development is based on the observation made by this experienced sailor that of the three main risks at sea, namely fire, man overboard and flooding, only the waterways do not benefit from modern means of fighting them. He therefore thought of a solution similar to an umbrella that can be taken out of the hull, from inside the boat, in the closed position. It is then opened and placed back on the hull and fixed by screwing it through a kind of inner plywood, as shown in the video presented at the end of the article.

Insertion of the Paradeep by waterway
Sealing the waterway
Paradeep clamping device

After the patent was filed, Alain Malardé approached Gwenaël Le Maguer of the University of Southern Brittany. They have been designing together since 2015 a first prototype which has allowed to validate the concept.

Industrialization with Plastimo

Paradeep is now in the hands of Plastimo's R&D department. The heavyweight of nautical equipment is now working on the industrialization of the product. A partnership that suits Alain Malardé very well. "My relations with Plastimo are very good. The first objective today is that the Paradeep is born and marketed. For the rest of the economic development, we'll see."

Commercialization in 2018

Plastimo also works on commercial packaging and pricing. The Paradeep should be offered in the Plastimo catalogue in 2018.

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