New distributor for Harsonic ultrasonic antifouling

Harsonic Antifouling Solution

Harsonic Maritime now distributes Harsonic ultrasonic antifouling solutions. A new player to revitalize the brand.

New distributor

Philippe Porquet founded Harsonic Maritime in July 2016 to distribute ultrasonic antifouling solutions from Belgian manufacturer Harsonic. Former employee of Gom'air, also a Harsonic distributor, he intends to use his product knowledge to continue developing the brand in France.

A solution recognized in the professional world

The Harsonic antifouling solution is based on the diffusion of ultrasound which prevents the creation of the first layer of dirt on which living organisms (algae or shellfish) usually attach themselves. Harsonic products have already won over many shipyards in the professional boat industry. About forty SNSM launches are equipped with them and the future French icebreaker Astrolabe will also be equipped.

A difficult yachting market

Boating accounts for approximately 20% of Harsonic's sales in France. They are mainly private customers, seduced by the absence of need to remake underwater paintings every year.

If the antifouling solution faces many critics and very well installed paint manufacturers, the experience of professional ships seems to speak in its favour. If there are no dealers, boaters should contact Harsonic Maritime directly.

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