RCG Ouest, an app to replace the owner's manual

RCG West application

The new mobile application, developed by RCG Ouest, will replace the boat's user manual. Weight gain, interactivity... The advantages are numerous.

A product in the air of time

At a time when digital technologies are being developed, RCG Ouest, a specialist in documentation and communication in the nautical sector, wishes to bring the sector into this new age. The application developed by RCG Ouest offers a digital support grouping together all the explanations and technical documents concerning a boat. A tablet thus replaces the heavy and cumbersome manuals delivered with the boats.

Videos and interactive content

Mobile technology allows this new product to integrate tutorials and explanatory videos, much more accessible to the user than a traditional paper manual.

Navigation on the tablet, through images of the boat, makes it easy to move from one explanation point to another.

Scalable system

As equipment evolves, it is always difficult for shipyards to keep proprietary paper manuals up to date. With the mobile application, it will be enough to download a few files and not to throw kilos of paper.

After-sales service follow-up

Connected to the site, the tablet will allow, via the application to benefit from a better feedback of experience and to improve its After-Sales Service. It will also be a history for the owner.

Weather, coastal guide... A modular support

Beyond the manual function of the boat, the tablet can be used as a support for many services. Weather forecasting, marina guide and safety advice functions can for example be integrated into the application.

In time, the tablet can also be used to control the boat's home automation.

A licensing system

The application designed by RCG Ouest should be made available to shipyards in the form of an annual licence. The agency then carries out a service for each boat in the client's range. It is now looking for a client willing to invest in further product development.