Suzuki, a free application to make the link between the outboard and after-sales service

Based on a QR Code, the Suzuki application transmits engine information to its after-sales service. Saves time and quality in feature transfer.

In order to facilitate outboard engine maintenance, Suzuki installs a specific display in its engine screens. Combined with a smartphone application, it transmits all engine information to the technical department in charge of maintenance.

Called Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile (SDSM), this free application scans a QR code that appears on the Suzuki engine display (the MFG multifunction gauge). This QR Code which one scans with his smartphone, indicates partial information on the engine: The acquisition of the engine data is partial :

  • Number of operating hours
  • Operating speed range
  • Number of interviews with interval since last review

Thus, the technician in charge of maintenance saves time when taking charge of the engine and no longer needs to connect special tools for the acquisition of information on an engine. This increases the efficiency of interventions and speeds up after-sales service.


  • Availability area: worldwide (date varies by country)
  • Languages offered: English/Japanese
  • Outboards concerned: from DF9.9B to DF350A
  • Compatible OS systems
    iOS 9.0 or higher
    Android 4.0.3 or higher

Application Suzuki

SDSM is compatible with all Suzuki outboard injection engines that can be combined with an MFG gauge. The QR Codes display is applicable for the latest model or version available as of June 2017.