New distributor for Doosan marine engines

Doosan MD196T Marine Engine

Socoges takes over the distribution of Doosan motors for France. A new complementary card for this Korean engine specialist.

Semi-fast engines

The engine branch of the Korean conglomerate Doosan specialises in slow and semi-rapid diesel engines for marine and industrial applications. Its marine range, now distributed by Socoges, includes propulsion and auxiliary engines.

The propulsion engines, running between 2000 and 2500 rpm, cover a power range between 160 and 1200 HP.

The auxiliary motors, set at 1800 rpm, are available between 93 and 588 HP.

Various applications

Doosan marine engines have all the certifications required for the French market (EIAPP - CCNR-II) for recreational and professional applications. However, their weights are mainly intended for displacement boats.

A specialist in Korean engines

Socoges, already distributor of Doosan marine engines for Italy for more than 20 years, is now for France and Algeria. It is thus expanding its offer in France where it already has the Hyundai Seasall card.

A network of resellers to expand

With this new brand, Socoges intends to expand its reseller network in France. This is based on the customer policy already in place for the Hyundai Seasall brand, with a stock of engines and spare parts always available and an efficient after-sales service and training for its partners, as well as guaranteed delivery times.

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