Ports de plaisance et Handicap, publication of the FFPP guide

Presentation of the Guide d'accessibilité des ports de plaisance

The guide of accessibility in the marinas of the French Federation of Marina Ports has just been published. On the menu standards, good practices...

Technical synthesis

The guide to the accessibility of marinas was officially presented by Serge Pallarès, President of the French Federation of Marina Ports (FFPP), during a ceremony on 13 September 2016, at the Musée de la Marine, in Paris.

Published with the support of the public authorities responsible for transport and disabled people, this document summarises the standards and regulations relating to the reception of disabled people in marinas. It also looks at good practices to be implemented in ports to ensure optimum service to this public.

A societal subject

While the public space as a whole is struggling to put in place the measures required by the 2005 law on equal opportunities and disability, marinas must comply with standards.

For Serge Pallarès,"real places for living, walking, leisure, relaxation and pleasure, our marinas must be open and accessible to all. It is a societal issue to allow a disabled population to come to our ports and be welcomed there. To do this, the structures must be adapted and the staff must be attentive to their needs and have their well-being at heart.