How the health crisis is impacting the boat cleaning market

Boat cleaning takes a prominent place following the health crisis

Shipyards, boat shows, yachting... All the nautical activities had to work on the hygiene measures induced by the health crisis. We spoke with boat cleaning professionals to find out the impact on their activity.

Disinfecting rental boats

Regular clients of Kerboat Services agencies in the Mediterranean, boat hire companies have had to adapt their operations to the health standards in force following the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has set up a specific response with its clients, paying attention to the specificities linked to boating. "The rental companies, already customers, asked us for disinfection protocols between each renter. We therefore responded by paying attention to the dangerousness of the products. We need disinfectants suitable for food contact, which do not damage the upholstery... We can't put just anything on a work surface where the client is going to cook a few hours later. You have to pay attention to the whole living space and its uses, thinking that boats are closed and poorly ventilated environments" explains Sébastien David, founder of the Kerboat Services franchise.

Nettoyage de bateau par Kerboat Services
Boat cleaning by Kerboat Services

Kit sanitaire pour les équipages de YAS Protec

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