Kerboat Yachting aims to clean large pleasure boats

A Kerboat Yachting team on a Sunreef 80 catamaran

The boat cleaning company Kerboat Services is targeting the yachting and luxury yachting market. Its founder, Sébastien David, explains the reasons for the approach and the ambitions of the new Kerboat Yachting offer.

A need for service specific to large yachts

Founded in 2015 by Sébastien David, the boat cleaning company Kerboat Services began by providing services to boaters and boat and motor boat builders, particularly at boat shows. It then moved on to the professional boat sector. It is now opening up to the luxury yachting market with the official launch of the Kerboat Yachting brand. "At boat shows such as the Cannes Yachting Festival, we are dealing with increasingly high-end boats. When we contacted yacht refit yards such as IMS Shipyard or Monaco Marine, with whom we are now listed, we realised that there was no structured teams on the company market capable of offering 4 to 5 people specialised in cleaning over 2 days, as we know how to do. On the other hand, the buyers needed their own identity, as was the case for the professional boat, which shows a specific and more upscale approach for large yachts. Washing a yacht is not the same as washing a Cap Camarat. That's why we launched Kerboat Yachting" explains Sébastien David.

Customers ranging from the captain to the refit site

Kerboat Yachting has many contacts in the yacht market. The company can intervene after the ship's maintenance workcamps or during the ship's charter season. It is addressed to:

  • yacht refit yards
  • owners and captains in the case of small crews
  • charter companies whose crew rest between 2 locations during the season
  • brokers and brokerage companies before the resale of the boat
  • in the trade fair and event sector

Boat cleaning staff on the French Riviera

To address this market, Kerboat Services relies on its new own agency opened in Cannes, as well as on the teams of all franchisees in the PACA region. The future redesign of the website should provide a space dedicated to the Kerboat Yachting activity. First references already give credibility to the offer. Kerboat Yachting has already worked on 80-foot motoryachts or for the engine room of an 80-meter yacht.

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