Costard Serigraphy and Heol Composites join forces for luminous composite

The companies Costard Serigraphie and Heol Composites presented at METS Trade the fruit of their collaboration: composite parts integrating electro-luminescent messages. Jean-Paul Dufau and Roman Nedellec, managers of the 2 companies, explain the opportunities of the partnership.

Combining carbon and communication know-how

The companies Heol Composites and Costard Sérigraphie are well known in the world of competitive sailing. The 1st, based near Vannes, managed by Jean-Paul Dufau, is a specialist in composite and the manufacture of hollow carbon parts. The 2nd, based in Hennebont, bought by Roman Nedellec, also director of the Atelier sur Mer, associated with Frédéric Le Corre, specialises in advertising branding, particularly clothing for ocean racing teams. The 2 partners have developed together a technique for integrating light messages into the composite. The electro-luminescent phosphor plates are incorporated into the composite part built by Heol Composites. "We have integrated the system into our process for the construction of technological carbon parts, which we have mastered for several years. This opens up a lot of possibilities for customisation", Jean-Paul Dufau sums up.

Applications in sailing and powerboating competition

The process is of primary interest to sponsors, ocean racing teams and beyond. "We made a first light dodger for Advens during the Transat Jacques Vabre. One can also imagine luminous quay sails or even decorations on small parts of the sailboat. We were also consulted by a team for the 24 hours of motorboating in Rouen, to be visible at night" illustrates Roman Nedellec.

Applications in yachting

But the electro-luminescent composite could also find applications in yachting. These opportunities are in line with the development axis desired by Roman Nedellec, whose companies Atelier sur Mer and Costard Sérigraphie allow him to offer complete personalisation systems, from sail and vehicle marking to clothing for wealthy owners or as an optional offer for shipyards. "We can also think of decorations on superyacht bridges or security lighting," concludes Roman Nedellec.

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