Black Sun Heating, infrared heating for boats and shipyards

Black Sun Heating Infrared Heating Panels in a Boat Painting Hall

Black Sun Heating has developed an infrared heating system for boating. A technology adapted to boats as well as construction site halls, which the company wants to promote in the yachting sector.

Infrared heating panels

The Belgian company Black Sun Heating is specialized in long infrared heating. The panels marketed by the company, powered by electricity, radiate at frequencies below red and thus directly heat the surrounding objects, which can then release this heat. Unlike convection systems, it is not air that transmits calories, but radiation.

Black Sun Heating Infrared Heating Panel

Heating validated on a boat in Patagonia

"We are now in the 3rd generation of panels for boating and they are now reliable. We equipped the 15 m schooner La Cardinale for its expedition Objectif Grand Sud. With -21° C outside, the crew maintained 21°C inside the boat for an internal volume of 50 m3 by integrating the saloon and the helm station" illustrates Olivier Ribes-Ruescas, chargé d'affaires in France for Black Sun Heating. The installation consisted of 9 200W panels operating at 24V and powered by batteries and photovoltaic panels. Less energy consuming than an electric forced-air heating system, the solution is an alternative to heating with a burner on the fuel network. The low voltage model developed for boating allows easy integration into the on-board electrical network and can be completed with a 220V system for dockside use.

A heating solution for paint naves

The technology developed by Black Sun Heating is also of interest ashore. By avoiding the use of hot forced air, the system does not suspend dust and heats the material directly. It thus seduces shipyards when painting boats. "We equipped a hall for the Belgian navy, which wanted to paint its ships. With 360 panels, we accelerated the drying process and gained 13 degrees at the heart of this huge hull, providing stability and robustness," says Olivier Ribes-Ruescas.

Finding your place in boating

Infrared heaters are assembled in Belgium from parts manufactured in Alsace. A partnership with a French company allows the development of a home automation interface. Black Sun Heating is now seeking to promote its heating systems in France and wants to develop its network of resellers for yachtsmen and integrate shipyards into the original equipment market.