Hybrid heating to keep your boat frost-free

Sailing boat under the snow © ArthurGron

The Kabola hybrid heating system combines diesel and electricity to keep the heat on board. An advantage both for the respect of the environment and flexibility of use.

Hybrid electric and diesel heating

The Dutch company Kabola has been producing diesel and petrol water heaters and boilers for continuous use since 1947. Its new KB-Ecoline Hybrid range adds electric power to its traditional fuels. The hybrid boiler combines a 230V electric heating element with the conventional burner system. Each of the KB-Ecoline heating energy sources can be used separately or simultaneously.

The KB Ecoline line from 8 to 80 kW is available as heating, water heater or in combination.

Flexibility of use

To raise the temperature quickly, diesel will be preferred and can be combined with electric for even greater efficiency. On the other hand, to keep the boat frost-free at berth, the electrical resistance is sufficient. The 3 configurations offer the yachtsman more flexibility of use, by controlling his energy consumption.

Safety and ecology

By limiting the fuel requirement for heating, the Ecoline system has an obvious ecological aspect. Kabola's"blue-flame" technology allows gasoline to burn at very high temperatures, limiting particulate and C02 emissions.

The fully electric operation at the quayside limits the risk of fire, avoiding leaving a flame on board.

Flexible installation

Thanks to the possibility of external air supply, the KB Ecoline heater can be installed in the machine room without any risk linked to pressure variations linked to the air consumption of the engines. Small in size, it is therefore easy to accommodate on board.

International recognition

Presented for the first time at METS 2017, the KB Ecoline heater received a special mention in the DAME competition.