Marinas: How best to manage public procurement?

Marina of pleasure

ICOMIA publishes its recommendations for better management of contracts for the delegation of marinas. A document for both public authorities and marina managers.

Recommendations to port operators and public authorities

ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations) has published a recommendation note on the allocation of marinas. The majority of marinas in the world are subject to a public contract between the future operator and local or national authorities. In order to obtain the best service for boaters and the public at large, ICOMIA insists on the points that it considers essential in the offer and its evaluation for the success of the public service delegation.

Sustainable occupancy cost of the marina

ICOMIA supports the competitive bidding of marina operators for a better service to boaters, and points out the need for the market to be viable also for the port manager. ICOMIA places particular emphasis on the notion of sustainable occupancy cost. Above a certain threshold, the association considers that the operator's charges directly lead to poor maintenance of port infrastructures and prevent a quality service to the yachtsman. The duration of the port concession is a tool to ensure a long-term investment plan.

As a tool for comparing offers, the sustainable occupancy cost must be studied on a case-by-case basis, CCOMIA insists. It is linked to the topographical, meteorological and economic conditions that affect the boats and services that can be accommodated in the marina. The contracting authority will have to take this into account when choosing its future delegate.

The full text can be downloaded free of charge from the ICOMIA website at the link below.

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