Integrel, an alternative to the generator on boats, winner of the DAME Design Award

Integrel, Triskel Marine's energy management system, winner of the DAME Design Award 2018

The DAME Design Award, the most prestigious of the prizes for innovation in the nautical industry, awarded Integrel for its energy management technology on board recreational boats. An integrated alternative to generators.

Integrel, energy management awarded a DAME Design Award

The British company Triskel Marine Ltd won the DAME Design Award 2018 all categories at the METS Trade fair. It was rewarded for its Integrel (Intelligent Generation of Electricity) system, a system that optimizes energy management on board a boat without the need for a generator.

An alternator boosted on the propulsion engine

The Integrel system is based on the use of a high-performance alternator, coupled to the boat's propulsion motor using a belt. The "steroid" alternator, as the manufacturer calls it, contains permanent magnets on the rotor for greater efficiency and power. It allows to generate up to 9kW without affecting the propulsion performance.
The device charges a 10 kWh 48V lead acid battery set. The electricity is then converted to 12V, 24V or 36V by a 600W battery charger developed by Triskel.

Automated electrical management

The controller developed by Triskel Marine allows fully automated energy management on board the boat. The alternator load is electronically controlled according to engine speed to achieve optimal operation depending on the type of main engine, propeller and the characteristics of the on-board electrical system. Propulsion is always managed as a priority. An alert appears on the data panel when it is necessary to start the engine to recharge the batteries, which can be done at idle.

Weight, money and consumption savings

Integrel is presented by its designers as a source of savings on several points:

  • By avoiding the use of a generator, Integrel saves weight.
  • The solution, less expensive than a generator set, is also a source of fuel savings, up to 25% according to the manufacturer.
  • Maintenance is made easier, avoiding the need for through-hulls and the maintenance of an additional internal combustion engine.
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