Watermaker Aqua-base ESW, fresh water on board while saving energy

Aquabase ESW energy-saving watermaker

SLCE watermakers offers low-energy consumption models among a wide range of watermakers under the Aqua-base and SLCE brands. Energy efficiency for boaters, ease of installation and electrical management, quality of after-sales service are just some of the arguments for choosing these reverse osmosis units.

An energy-efficient watermaker

The Aqua-base ESW range includes 3 models of watermakers with low energy consumption. Available in 12 or 24 V, these reverse osmosis units can produce 35 L/h, 65 L/h or 105 L/h respectively for fresh water consumption on board the boat. Their specificity compared to a conventional reverse osmosis model is their low electricity consumption, a rare commodity, particularly on board sailing yachts. "To produce 35 L/h in 12V, the Aqua-base ESW watermaker consumes 12 A compared to 30 A for a classic model," explains Luc Magnoler, sales manager at SLCE. "To produce 1 litre of fresh water, 6 to 10 litres of seawater are pressurized to 55 bar, and the rest of the water is discharged. The idea was to recover the energy from this rejected water, to transfer it to the incoming sea water, a bit like an engine turbo. Here, the traditional high-pressure pump is replaced by a hydraulic system, pressure multiplier and energy recuperator, coupled with a small, very quiet, 6 bar low-pressure pump."


Flexible installation and power supply

The Aqua-base ESW watermaker models can be installed flat or in a partition, for easier integration by the boat builder. Their weight is comparable to that of a classic model
A dual-voltage box makes it easier to manage the electrical system and protects the boat's battery bank by automatically managing 220V operation if the on-board generator set is running or 12/24V if it is not.

Aqua-base ESW

A wide range of osmosis plants

SLCE watermakers employs 32 people and has extensive experience in desalination, acquired since 1989. While the ESW range meets the energy requirements of some boaters, SLCE also offers two other ranges of reverse osmosis units.
The classic Aqua-base range covers the needs of recreational boats from 30 to 300 L/h. It meets the expectations of sailors and motor sailors alike, with reliable and compact products.

Aqua-base of the conventional range

The SLCE SD range, with a capacity from 1 to 40 m3/day, is aimed at the professional and large pleasure craft market. These watermakers have been used by the French Navy for 25 years. SLCE has also been supplying cruise ships for 7 years, in particular those leaving the Chantiers de l'Atlantique
SLCE is also developing a new range of solar watermakers without batteries in partnership with Mascara Nouvelles Technologies, a startup based in Chartres.

SLCE premises in Caudan

Customer care and distribution

The Aqua-base and SLCE products are distributed in France by SEIMI. 2 people within SLCE are exclusively in charge of after-sales service and the sale of spare parts and consumables. For more serenity for yacht builders, SLCE has resellers all over the world, in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the West Indies.

SLCE Workshop
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