New Brunswick is launching into boat clubs and services

Sea Ray SLX 230 W from Brunswick Group, a boat suitable for boat clubs

Another boat builder who relies on services. The American leader Brunswick is entering the boat club sector, with a different operating model from its competitors.

Brunswick Boating Services Network

The Brunswick group, the American leader in yachting, has announced the creation of its Boating Services Network. The first operation launched by this new entity is the OnBoard Boating Club and Rentals, an initiative aimed at marinas and boat dealers in the United States and Canada. According to the American group, it is a "turnkey trading platform to address the emerging and rapidly growing market segment of boat club and rental consumers After launching a pilot program with Suntex marinas in recent years, Brunswick is looking to recruit new partners for next season.

Each boat builder has his own strategy

The Brunswick Group's announcement is part of a global dynamic of companies in the boating industry that are turning to services to address new boaters. "We believe that by offering the best experience, we can grow and cultivate interest as a gateway to boat ownership through a wider range of consumers," said Cecil Cohn, Vice President of Boating Services Network.

The various players in the boating industry are turning to different solutions. While the Bénéteau Group leaves in order scattered according to its brands, through the Bénéteau Boat Club, attached to the name, but launched at the initiative of the dealers and Jeanneau's alliance with Freedom Boat Club, a company already in place, Brunswick chooses a solution disconnected from its shipyards and open to everyone, marinas or off-grid dealers. We can also recall that the engine manufacturer Yanmar is involved in collaborative yachting platforms. The future will show which model will be chosen by boaters and whether Brunswick decides to export its services to Europe.

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