Painting boats: a guide to defining acceptance criteria

Applicator painting a boat hull

The customer's validation when delivering painting work on a boat can be complex. ICOMIA has created a guide to define acceptance criteria in advance. Intended for superyachts, it could inspire the entire boating industry.

Acceptability criteria for paint and superyacht coatings

The delivery of painting work on a boat, and particularly a yacht, is often a delicate step. Even with a well-written contract, the painter and the client do not always have the same vision. ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations) has identified this problem and wished to address it through its new guide, ICOMIA Standard 51-18: Acceptance Criteria Guidelines for the Finish and Appearance for Super Yacht Coatings, or Guide for acceptance criteria for the finish and appearance of superyacht coatings.

A procedure to follow more than rigid criteria

Initially, the commission in charge of drafting the ICOMIA standard wanted to establish criteria of the "accepted or refused" type. Faced with the difficulty of finding universal methods applicable to all projects, the drafters decided on a more global approach. The final text proposes a methodology for the customer and the applicator of the paint or coating to define together the work acceptance criteria, specifically for each boat project. The control elements may include the materials and products used, the equipment, the process, the planning, the place of application and the specific variables of the painting system. Defined at the pre-contractual stage, the criteria will make it possible to avoid conflicts at the end of the worksite.

An inspiration for pleasure boating

Particularly demanding, the large yachting industry requires us to anticipate these problems. However, the refitting of smaller pleasure boats in local shipyards can lead to the same conflicts. The ICOMIA text, available at the footnote link, can be a source of inspiration for all professionals.

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