Dream Racer Boats refurbishes used boats and enhances your trade-ins

Dream Racer Boats refurbishes used boats for professionals and individuals

Reconditioning the interior of used pleasure boats is the service Dream Racer Boats offers to dealers to enhance their trade-ins. The company offers tailor-made partnerships to boat dealers and in-situ service.

Enhance the value of boats in recovery

For dealers, the sale of a new boat to a boat owner often involves taking over the old boat. Whether it is a sailboat or a motorboat, the condition of the cabins and facilities can vary. Interior design is no longer always up to date. This is the observation made by Thibaud Ramond, founder of Dream Racer Boats. He therefore imagined offering dealers an offer to refit used boats in order to improve the resale value of their trade-in fleet. He is in charge of studying the new layout with his partners naval architects and interior designers and then installing the adapted and modernised furniture and equipment in an existing boat.

Dream Racer Boats construction site on a Figaro Bénéteau 1

Build a pre-established offer

By identifying the most popular boat models on the second-hand market, Dream Racer Boats is working on the construction of a pre-studied interior refit offer. The fee schedule will make it easy to consider the transformation of the most common models of the recreational fleet. Whether carried out by the shipyard before the sale or proposed to prospects by the dealer, the works are an argument for signing the contract, as the customer projects himself into his new boat without any surprises on the price.

Sailboat redevelopment proposal

Tailor-made partnership with the dealer

Concessionaires sometimes have internal skills to carry out the refit. Dream Racer Boats defines with each professional client the level of collaboration and the role of each. Services can range from the design and supply of the equipment to the complete installation.

Adapt sports yachts to rental

In addition to standard cruise ships, Dream Racer Boats also offers its refitting services to transform offshore racing yachts for pleasure, its core business. This offer will appeal to charter companies and rental companies. "I have already received requests to rent a refurbished Figaro. "confirms Thibaud Ramond.

In-situ work

Organized as a mobile construction site, Dream Race Boats has a work base in containers. The company can thus come and install the installations on board the boat directly at the customer's premises. The company operates throughout France.

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