Special Edition / APRIL Marine, an insurance that accompanies boaters alongside professionals

APRIL Marine, pleasure insurance for boaters and professionals

Specific pleasure offers, engine damage guarantee, assistance at sea and on land... The APRIL Marine insurer knows that a serene sailor makes life easier for boating professionals.

A 100% marine insurer

Present in the sector for 40 years, APRIL Marine is the French leader in yacht insurance. As a wholesale broker, it designs and markets specific offers for the boating market. Employing 70 people, a subsidiary of the APRIL group with 3800 employees, the company has its headquarters in Les Sables d'Olonne. It is present in Cannes, Marseille, Le Marin (Martinique), Montreal and Toronto. The 9 employees of the claims management department handle several thousand cases per year for the fleet of 65,000 insured vessels in France, Canada and the Caribbean. APRIL Marine covers a wide range of boats, from jet-skis to yachts.

Services beyond yacht insurance

To help boaters and relieve boating professionals, APRIL Marine supports owners in the use of their boats, from purchase to resale. These services, which are complementary to the core of classic yacht insurance, are listed in the m@rina and differentiate the offer from the competition:

  • classifieds site
  • weather: sent by email, on request, for its navigation area
  • virtual concierge Nina for booking a berth or doctor's appointment
  • online shop
  • co-browsing insurance without prior declaration
  • automatic sending of insurance certificates to the home port
APRIL Marine manages assistance and breakdown services, both dockside and at sea, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Assistance that relieves the professional

The sea assistance, launched in 2012 by APRIL Marine, limits the on-call duties of nautical professionals. In the event of a breakdown on land or at sea, the insurer will send the technical means to repair or repatriate the boat to the premises of the competent specialist, taking care of up to 2 hours of manpower. The service reassures the boater while avoiding unnecessary inconvenience to the mechanic or dealer.

The engine damage guarantee, a sales argument

APRIL Marine's specific offer, the motor damage guarantee covers the boat against motor failure for 20 years. The transfer to the new owner is free of charge for 3 months when a purchase is made. Very adapted to the second-hand boat market, this coverage facilitates sales and becomes an interesting argument for dealers, as the yachtsman is protected from surprises for a much longer period than the minimum legal period.

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