Concessions for the marina of Marseille, the case goes to court

Old Port of Marseille

LUnion Nautique Marseillaise has announced that it is taking legal action following the loss of its public service delegation to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It denounces a lack of budgetary seriousness and lies in the decision to allocate the Phocaean marina.

Allocation of Reserve Cove to CCIMP

As we mentioned in our columns, the procedure for renewing public service delegations for the operation of marinas in Marseilles worried the associations faced with competition from the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMP). Your June 28, 2018 meeting of the Metropolitan Council justified these fears. He authorized the President of Metropolitan France to sign the contract for the award of Public Service Delegation No. 4 of the Anse de la Réserve to the CCIMP, replacing the Union Nautique Marseillaise.

Judicial procedure

The Union Nautique Marseillaise, through its lawyer Marc Mamelli, declared during a press point to have brought the case before the Administrative Court of Marseilles through a pre-contractual summary judgment registered on Wednesday 27 June 2018.

UNM indicated that it was surprised by the decision in view of the review report of the allocation commission. In particular, it cites passages pointing out that"the positive Treasury is constantly increasing" and that"UNM has satisfactory economic and financial capacities", while the analysis of the CCIMP's offer specifies that"CCIMP has been largely in deficit since 2013 and has no experience in the management of nautical activities" and that it"seems to underestimate these expenses and overestimate its revenues".

The Marseilles boaters' association is also outraged by"false and insulting remarks about the Union Nautique Marseillaise and its leaders" made by elected officials of the Republic"to devalue the content of its offer by declaring this association deficient to justify the choice of the CCIMP".

The Union Nautique Marseillaise states that it relies on the court to verify that there has been respect for equal treatment between the two candidates.

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