Special Edition / Tenderlift: hydraulics, a high-performance alternative to all-electric power

Tenderlift platform on the Rafoly catamaran

Is it possible to switch from electric to hydraulic? Tenderlift, a specialist in hydraulic systems for pleasure boating, underlines the technical advantages of oil over electric current on board a boat.

Specialist in hydraulics for yachting

Tenderlift, based in Canet-en-Roussillon, has been designing and building hydraulic systems for pleasure boats for many years. If its catamaran platform is an emblematic example, the company offers packages ranging from simple management of 2 or 3 functions to complex systems controlling 15 to 20 functions on board the boat, from winch to windlass and bow thruster.

Tenderlift platform

An efficient and safe alternative to electricity

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Tenderlift multifunction hydraulic power unit

From design to after-sales service

Associated with the design of the boat right from the project phase, Tenderlift proposes and establishes with the yard the best technical and economic solution for a good integration of the hydraulic installation on board the boat.

Through a network of technical partners in the Caribbean, the United States and the Mediterranean, Tenderlift provides after-sales service and advises its customers in the main shipping areas.