Shipyard visit / From mast to paint, Soromap produces in Rochefort

VMG Soromap production site

The Charentais industrialist Soromap presents his production tools for sailboat masts and marine paint, installed in France.

Regional location

Soromap has existed since 1969. While the activity started as shipschandler in La Rochelle, the company now has modern industrial buildings in Rochefort, still in Charente-Marimite. BoatIndustry took advantage of a meeting to visit the site. Overview of its many activities.

Production of Soromap paints

A product that has made Soromap famous, marine paint is produced and designed in the Rochefort plant. All formulations are developed by a team of 3 chemists in the company's laboratory, equipped with the measurement tools necessary to qualify their characteristics and resistance to the marine environment (spectrometer, UV tank, salt spray test, etc.)

A tool is then used to define the pigments required to obtain the colour requested by the customer.

Once the formulation is established, production can begin. The solid raw materials, natural or of petrochemical origin, are ground using a first machine. The liquid part is then added to obtain the paint using large capacity mixers. Soromap is able to produce paint quantities ranging from 300 kg to 1 T in 24H. The annual production of the plant is about 300 T.


The company also provides labelling. 10 to 15% of the paint is produced for other brands.

Manufacture of masts and rigging

A first step in the design of the rigging of the boats takes place in the VMG Soromap design office. The calculations are checked by external service providers.

The Rochefort plant receives tubes, according to profiles designed by VMG Soromap, produced in the Netherlands in dies owned by the company. 90% of aluminium threaders are installed in this European country. It also receives all peripherals, rigging screws and connections from its Tunisian factory.

In a first step, the tubes are positioned in the machining centre, 24 m long, to carry out all the necessary milling operations.

An operator then assembles the elements and passes the messengers through the mast.

The shrouds are prepared and crimped by VMG Soromap. A tensile test is carried out to validate the quality of the assembly.

Cutting of sail widths

VMG Soromap does not just deliver masts to the site. The company also cuts fabrics for sailmakers. Two digital cold and hot cutting tables allow the cutting of any type of fabric.

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