Batho, a 2nd life for used pleasure boats

Batho gives a second life to boats out of the water

Transform used pleasure craft into responsible tourist accommodation. Didier Toqué, founder of Batho, explains his approach, both ecological and economic.

Experience in waste management

Didier Toqué knows the world of waste management well. He worked there for many years and founded Nouvelle Attitude, now a subsidiary of the La Poste group, which collects office waste from SMEs through mail carriers. Recreational and sports boat waste (DBPS) is its new target. Like many players in the boating industry, he wants to find an alternative to incineration or landfill. While observing the seaside campsites, filled with mobile homes, he had the idea of replacing them with boats.

Reuse of boats in tourist accommodation

"The principle is one of reuse, not recycling. A boat has walls, a roof, rooms... It can easily be used as tourist accommodation, halfway between a tent and a mobile home," explains Didier Toqué. After some work and refitting, the boat is ready to welcome tourists. Freed from the technical constraints associated with navigation, the operation for the site is simpler and more economical than a conventional renovation. Between 10 000 € and 20 000 €, Batho can deliver the accommodation.

Batho Implementation Sketch

Ecoslow Sustainable Tourism

"If he's not on the water, what could be more logical for a boat than to put him next to the water," exclaims Didier Toqué. The accommodation in Batho will therefore be organised in ports on land, along the waterways. The entrepreneur is counting on the development of sustainable tourism, known as ecoslow, such as cycling along canals and rivers, whose practitioners could be seduced by the concept. "We offer a motionless cruise to people who love boats but are afraid to sail."

Time to develop the recycling sector

By saving 5 to 10 years on the life of today's old boats, Batho also wants to give the recycling industry time to set up. As a reminder, the EPR sector should finally see the light of day in 2019, but its structuring could be long.

A social commitment

As he did with Nouvelle Attitude, Didier Toqué is part of Batho's Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) approach. Integration courses will enable employees to be trained in boating professions, such as the interior design of boats.

Sketch of a Sangria on the banks of a river

Demonstration in spring 2018

Supported by the local authorities, Batho has a production building and is already working on around ten boats from 6.5m to 12m long. A first implantation of 3 boats on the banks of the Loire should be organised in spring 2018 to promote the concept.