We Are NINA, an association to marry water sports and digital

We are NINA, digital association and water sports

Start-ups combining pleasure and digital tools are booming. Meetings, support for business creation... The collective of professionals We Are Nina aims to federate the sector, as its president Patrick Piveteau explains to BoatIndustry.

A fruit of the Nantes digital ecosystem

At the end of 2013, Patrick Piveteau and Clément Douet meet in the Cantine Numérique, a place of exchange for the Nantes digital world. The two partners create Hey Captain, a boat rental platform on the internet. During the exchanges with the other entrepreneurs of the Cantine Numérique, they meet project leaders. Some deal with geolocation, others with boat rental and sharing platforms or boat maintenance assistance. All have in common the nautical and the digital. An informal grouping is then born, made up of exchanges and meetings.

In 2016, an association under the 1901 law was created and named We are NINA for Nautisme Innovation Numérique Atlantique. Today, it comprises 15 companies.

Round table organized by We are NINA

Federating the players in digital boating

We are NINA aims to unite the actors of digital innovation in the nautical ecosystem. The association brings together companies that were outside the radar of traditional representative organizations and offers them places for exchange. "Even though we're in the digital world, it's easier to meet each other," says Patrick Piveteau, President of We are NINA. Based in Nantes, the association, with its local roots, has set itself a national federating role.

Supporting business creation

Even if it does not provide financial aid, the association intends to support the creators of innovative nautical companies. Communities have identified it and are directing project developers to We are NINA." The wealth we offer is the competence of our members," explains Patrick Piveteau.

Bridging industries and start-ups

If digital technology has invaded the nautical services, it is still in its infancy among heavy industrial nautical vehicles. We are NINA aims to be a bridge between innovative start-ups in the sector and the major players in the yachting industry.

Roundtable co-organized by We are NINA

Structuring in progress

In the growth phase, the association is in a transitional phase. As volunteering reaches its limits, the recruitment of a staff member should be conducted. It will enable more ambitious projects to be set up, such as the eventual organisation of a major federating event for digital water sports.

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