Announcement of the nautical innovations selected for the 2019 Nina Awards

The winners of the Nina Awards Grand Ouest 2019 at the XXL Sea

The final grand ouest of the Nina Awards nautical innovation competition unveiled its winners at the Mer XXL exhibition.

TEMO eltectroportable thruster wins Nina Award West

Before its national final at the Nautic, the Nina Awards 2019 nautical innovation competition made a first selection during the Mer XXL exhibition. The final grand ouest saw the presentation of 14 projects for tomorrow's pleasure craft among the 30 applications received. The jury, chaired by Bruno Dubois, a specialist in ocean racing, decided between the participants. The winner is Temo, a company founded by Alexandre Seux. It is developing an electro-portable propeller for the annexes. Its objective is to replace internal combustion engines, but also conventional electric trains or outboards. Unfortunately, no image is yet available, as the company still protects various aspects of its invention.

14 innovations for the boating industry

The final ranking is as follows

1.TEMO : electro-portable propeller for dinghy

2.OTEC: mooring boom for mooring buoy

3.UTOPIK: aluminium sandwich surfboard

3.FINSULATE: an eco-responsible alternative to antifouling paints

3.AMARSECUR : high security mooring system

4.FINX: 100% electric diaphragm motor

4.KARA TECHNOLOGY: solution to connect boats and make them autonomous

5.CAPTN BOAT: a platform for connecting owners, skippers and boat rental companies

7.CARENECOLO: mobile fairing area without discharge

8.WEATHER4D SAILGRIB: sharing of AIS, weather and hydro data between boaters

8.BAGOUBOAT: electrically powered pleasure boat

9.SYROKO: fully removable sail tank for land navigation

9.MY SOLAR, SOLIDAR AND SUSTAINABLE BOAT NOTE: valorization of old boats for a solidarity, connected and solar pleasure

10.BOUMBOATS: eco-designed and eco-built travel catamaran

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