Volvo-Penta targets large boats with D13-1000

New Volvo Penta D13-1000 marine engine

Volvo-Penta launches the D13-1000, its biggest engine ever produced. This expands the range of pleasure boats equipped by the Swedish engine manufacturer.

Largest engine in the range

Volvo Penta has announced the launch of its new inboard engine, the D13-1000. This 13 litre marine diesel engine develops 1000 HP. The version adapted to the IPS thruster reaches a power equivalent to a 1350 HP in-line shaft configuration, according to the manufacturer. For both solutions, these are the most powerful engines in the Volvo Penta range. They are designed for pleasure craft up to 120 feet.

An optimized engine

The D13-1000 is an optimisation of Volvo-Penta's existing 13-litre engine. The Swedish engine manufacturer's engineers have developed new pistons, high-performance injectors and improved the cooling system. These modifications allowed to gain 11% of power compared to the old D13, while keeping a good power-to-weight ratio.

A better autonomy

Volvo-Penta claims to have conducted a comparative study with a competing 1360 HP engine on a 68-foot boat. Lighter and with a better displacement, the D13-IPS1350 consumed 36% less fuel. Björn Rönnvall, pleasure product manager for Volvo-Penta, takes a concrete example to illustrate the gain in autonomy. "To put this in context, customers will be able to sail from Cannes to the Balearic Islands without refueling in Spain, or from Miami to the Bahamas and back, on a single tank

Winning shares in the luxury yachting industry

The new D13 is a way for Volvo Penta to gain market share in the yacht sector, where it has little presence. In double, triple or quadruple use, the D13-IPS1350 allows to reach a power of 5400 HP, and to offer a high torque at low speed for a good manoeuvrability. Its compact character frees up space for accommodation. "It's a real milestone for our Volvo Penta pleasure range. This engine allows us to take a big step forward in the field of large pleasure boats," explains Johan Wästeräng, Volvo Penta's Vice President in charge of pleasure projects.

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