Interview / Resoltech Resin"We want to make chemistry as clean as possible, without greenwashing."


Pierre Calmon, export director of Resoltech, specialist in marine composite resins, gives us some thoughts on current and future technical developments.

What do you think are the major developments in composite currently underway?

There are many ongoing developments in the strength and application of composite materials. For me, the major challenge today is to work on the cleanliness of products. The least toxic chemistry possible should be used to protect operators. When a customer comes to me and tells me that since he switched to Resoltech products, his employees no longer have the allergies they might have had with competing products, I am satisfied.

What are the main technical developments you are working on in this direction?

Above all, we avoid all products marked CMR (Carcinogenic, Reprotoxic Mutagen), extremely dangerous for health and yet present in many resins.

We work a lot on the development of water-based products. It is necessary to prepare the passage to water in the nautical world, in the image of what is done in the automobile. We have also developed a water-based primer especially for water sports, as well as an interior varnish in aqueous phase. The latter even has better mechanical characteristics than other solvents.

We talk a lot about bio-sourced products. What is Resoltech's position?

All our products incorporate 17% bio-sourced elements. We go up to 35% bio-sourced in some products. What is also important is that this sometimes brings a mechanical interest. However, we do not give in ambient greenwashing. This is not a commercial argument, and the use of agricultural land remains delicate.

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