Volvo Penta, 2 new engines to follow the new European directive.

Volvo Penta D2-60 inboard engine

Volvo Penta introduces its new D2-50 and D2-60 marine engines. With their arrival, the Swedish engine manufacturer's entire range is now ready for the new European regulations in force from 18 January 2017.

New standard as of January 18, 2017

After a transition year in 2016 allowing the simultaneous application of the 2 texts, the new European standard 2013-53-EU completely replaces the previous regulation 2003-44-EC. The text imposes new requirements in terms of noise and exhaust emissions from engines. All engine manufacturers, including Volvo Penta, had to recertify their existing engines to the new directive or develop new products.

A new D2

For the 50 / 60 horsepower range, particularly important for sailing boats and small displacement motor boats, Volvo Penta has developed a new engine, specially designed according to the new European standard. Two models are available based on the same engine block. The D2-50, in natural suction, delivers 49 HP at 3000 rpm. With a charge air cooler, the D2-60 ensures a power of 60 HP at 3000 rpm.

Both motors are available for shaft line or saildrive propulsion.

Availability in progress

While the D2-60 is available from December 2016, the new D2-50 engine will only be delivered from the second quarter of 2017.

The production of the D2-55, not in conformity with the new directive 2013-53-EU, was stopped in December 2016.

Volvo Penta ready for new directive

With the release of its new engine, the entire Volvo Penta marine engine range now complies with the new European directive for recreational craft. All inboard, sterndrive diesel and petrol, IPS, saildrive products, from the D1 to the D13, via the V6 and V8 have the CE marking as required.

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