Joystick now available inboard from Volvo Penta

Previously reserved for IPS and sterndrive systems, joystick control is now available for shaft-line boats. Docking assistance, autopilot... all the features are there.

Cover the whole range

Launched in 2006, shortly after the IPS, the Volvo joystick control system was a pioneer in the yachting world. Developed for IPS, the Swedish brand quickly adapted it to sterndrive thrusters. With the success, it was now necessary to offer the joystick for traditional shaft line installations. It has been done. Volvo Penta can now equip its entire inboard range with joystick controls.

Fully integrated system

If for IPS and sterndrive the steering was fully integrated into the Volvo base, the new Volvo Inboard Joystick must also control the rudders. It automatically calculates the necessary balance between engine power, rudder angle and possibly the bow thruster according to the boat's characteristics.

According to Anders Thorin, Planning Manager at Volvo Penta Electronics,"Volvo Penta has long been a leader in joystick control, and the Inboard Joystick reaffirms this position. As it is one of the only systems to integrate rudders, no one else can offer the same level of manoeuvrability.

Docking, Driving, Autopilot...

The Inboard Joystick offers the same features as its predecessors for IPS and Sterndrive. It can be used as a Driving function, for offshore transit, as an autopilot, but also offers the Docking function, which is appreciated by the public for its manoeuvrability.