Lorima and IMOCA, a successful partnership

Lorima's exclusive agreement with the IMOCA class provides the manufacturer of masts from Lorient both economically and technically. Some essential points...

Volume insured by new boats

The exclusive agreement signed between Lorima and the IMOCA class obliges all teams building a new boat to build its mast at the supplier in Lorient. It runs until 2021. In 2 years, this contract has already induced the production of 10 masts for the 60 foot race. With yet another Vendée Globe campaign between now and the end of the partnership, the text still ensures a volume of activity in Lorima.

A legitimacy in the refit

If the class only imposes the supplier for new boats, the expertise acquired gives Lorima the necessary authority to also win contracts on the conversion of boats prior to 2014.

Keep a technical lead

The latest generation IMOCAs, equipped with foils, have different behaviour at sea from previous boats. The speeds reached and the accelerations induced a modification of the structural constraints. Traditionally, the sizing of the masts was done by considering the lateral forces exerted by the sails upwind, under full mainsail and solent. For flying boats, we must now consider the longitudinal effects of a sudden deceleration in the waves. Participating in the development with GSEA Design, in charge of the calculations, and implementing the technical solutions to these new challenges allows Lorima to keep a technical lead over the competition. The benefit here far exceeds the IMOCA class.

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