Interview / LORIMA, an exceptional year 2015

Vincent Marsaudon, LORIMA

Interview with Vincent Marsaudon. The opportunity to review Lorima's activity, manufacturing method, activity sectors, projects in progress, results...

President of Lorima since 200 €9, after joining the company in 200 €2, Vincent Marsaudon answers some questions from BoatIndustry.

BI What is Lorima's specificity today compared to its competitors?

Vincent Marsaudon From a technical point of view, Lorima has chosen to work almost exclusively with female moulds, unlike many competitors using filament winding. If this allows a price gain of 10 to 30%, the mast is about 10% heavier. Lorima's choice is to focus on performance.

In the same vein, optimisation through more calculations with our partners makes it possible to reduce the weight of the mast even more. There has been a 20% reduction in the mass in some refits compared to the old mast made by the competition.

Finally, commercially, customization is the order of the day. For high-end yachting, we seek to adapt our masts and fittings to all customer requirements.

Tailor-made fittings

BI How is the production divided between the masts for the race and for the cruise?

Vincent Marsaudon Since the takeover of the company in 200 €9, in the aftermath of the crisis, I have always wanted to find a solution to offset production peaks, linked to the very cyclical activity of the race. While this represented 90% of activity in 200 €2, production is now equally divided between racing and cruising. The recurring needs of customers like Outremer, Marsaudon Composites, Slider, Alibi or Bañuls 60, allow to smooth the load of the workshops.

BI What is the average price of a mast sold at Lorima?

Vincent Marsaudon It is extremely difficult to answer as it depends on the boat, the options, the optimisation achieved... To give an example, for two 50 €-foot yachts built in 2015, the mast of the first, which is a production boat, costs around 50 € k? while the second, specially designed to measure both in structure and implementation, costs around 200 € k?.

BI How many people does Lorima have today?

Vincent Marsaudon In cruise mode, 30 people work directly for the company, supplemented by around thirty subcontractors.

BI What are your development prospects?

Vincent Marsaudon 2015 was our best year to date. We have completed 50 € projects. The year 2016 looks good with a rise in pressure from June. We are continuing to work on our know-how and are initiating an internal process to further improve our quality process.

An ongoing project in the field of industry allows to continue smoothing the peaks of activity in the nautical industry. We are also working on development projects with BJT.

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