Mercury launches the Vesselview mobile engine monitoring application

Mercury Vesselview Application

The new application developed by Mercury allows you to track your engine from your smartphone. Consumption, maintenance, history...

Smartcraft on your mobile device

The SmartCraft suite has been implemented on Mercury engines since 2003. It is a set of sensors, gauges and navigation and control systems allowing engine monitoring by computer. The new Vesselview application launched by Mercury Marine allows access to these features from a tablet or smartphone.

Immediate data

BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, connection to the boat network allows immediate data recovery:

  • Consumption
  • Water temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Water pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Engine speed

Other parameters, specific to each engine family, are available.

Maintenance assistance

The application provides diagnostic information related to each fault code to measure its urgency. A location function identifies the nearest technician if necessary.

A history, available online, is kept for better monitoring and alerts for planned maintenance operations. It is also possible to store notes related to each event.

Available during May 2016

Presented in March 2016 at GEICO Bassmasters Classic in Cherokee, Oklahoma, the application will be available for free in May 2016 on App Store and Google Play according to the official Mercury website. It will run on engines of 40 horsepower and more, delivered since 2003.