Marine Engines: Nanni marinise John Deere

Nanni N6 405 Silver series

On the occasion of the Arcachon show, the engine manufacturer Nanni communicated on its new N6.405 Silver series inboard engine. We took the opportunity to take stock of Nanni's marinization of John Deere engines.

Complete marinisation

Since 2014, the French engine manufacturer Nanni, based in La Teste de Buch on the shores of the Arcachon basin, has developed a partnership with the American John Deere for the marinisation of its engines. Just like it was already doing with Kubota, Toyota or Man engines, the company is adapting existing engines for marine applications. Starting from a simple version, almost reduced to the engine block, Nanni's teams design and adapt the product to maritime use and regulations. They intervene in the three essential areas

  • Cooling: seawater exchangers, pumps, hoses and exhaust bends (dry or wet)
  • Electricity: electrical harnesses and probes for specific alarms, electrical panels adapted to the application (pleasure or professional)
  • Transmission: bearings, shafts... depending on the type of propulsion

Custom designs

Nanni's trademark, the design office works on the integration of specific equipment at the customer's request. An example of this is the addition of additional alternators to meet the electrical needs of the aircraft or fire pumps, coupled to the front of the engine. The engine manufacturer from Gironde has developed specific engines for Catana.

A range of 25 models

The John Deere based Nanni engines represent 25 models, all developed from 4 and 6 cylinder engines. Each is available in pure mechanical, electronically controlled mechanical and common rail control. The power range is between 137 HP and 760 HP.

Opening to the American market

Although the American brand has a marine range, it does not adapt the models in the catalogue. The partnership with Nanni is therefore win-win.

It has also enabled Nanni to expand its customer portfolio, more focused on Africa and North America, where John Deere's reputation has attracted new distributors.

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