Surfpark Tech Day: Ways to surf the land.

Surfsnowdonia wave in Wales

On June 1st and 2nd 2016 in Biarritz will take place the 1st professional meeting dedicated to surfable artificial waves. On the agenda: conference, debates, meeting...

A technical workshop for the Surfpark in Bordeaux

Organised by Inspiral developpement, founded in 2012 and in charge of the Surfpark project in Bordeaux, this event is the first dedicated to surfable wave pool technologies in Europe. It is part of the"Laboratoire Vivant" programme set up to develop equipment in Bordeaux. For each aspect of the project, Surfpark Bordeaux presents different options on its site and invites Internet users to react. After the architectural and artistic aspects, it is therefore the turn of the technique. The technological benchmark will thus be the opportunity to choose the most suitable solution.

In synergy with SEANERGY

The workshop takes place within the framework of the SEANERGY exhibition dedicated to Renewable Marine Energies (EMR). What could be more natural than to be associated with an event whose wave energy is at the heart? Indeed, experimental wave basins are essential for the study of MRE and are the basis of existing surfpark technologies.

The program

After a first day on the 1st er june devoted to the BtoB meetings, the morning of June 2 will be dedicated to the presentation of the various existing technologies of surfable waves :


A workshop will be held in the afternoon on the theme:"Wave energy and wave generation technology: what technology transfer is possible?"

Registration is required on the Seanergy website.