Port-Cros: The Bateau Bleu label takes professionals on board

Port-Cros National Park

Port-Cros National Park is launching a campaign to promote eco-responsible professionals with the Bateau Bleu de la FIN label.

Eco-navigation: a challenge for Europe's first marine park.

Created in 1963, Port-Cros National Park was the first in Europe. Its magnificent site in one of the busiest boating waters attracts 1.2 million visitors each year, half of whom are boaters. It is therefore essential for its conservation to promote responsible use and ensure the coexistence of all stakeholders in seaside recreation. Eco-navigation is part of the archipelago's sustainable development project.

Blue Boat Label

The Blue Boat Label was created by the Fédération des Industries Nautiques in 2005. Its aim is to promote the consideration of environmental aspects throughout the life cycle of the vessel. It allows the holder to display a logo certifying his compliance with the charter.

Four criteria to be met

The Bateau Bleu label is based on four criteria:

  • Black water management to limit health risks by using a retention tank or a treatment system
  • Anti-rejection fuel system to avoid fuel loss during refuelling
  • Low-polluting engine to minimize exhaust and noise emissions
  • Good Pleasure Practices for Using Green Cleaning Products (Criterion added by Port-Cros Park)

A label for professionals and boats

Certification applies to both companies and boats. A logo Partenaire Parc National de Port-Cros - Bateau Bleu distinguishes companies respecting and promoting good practices. A Port-Cros National Park - Bateau Bleu Partner sticker and a certificate are issued for each boat meeting the criteria.

The promotion of this approach by the Port-Cros National Park to recreational boaters must allow spinoffs for the professionals involved. The pilot experiment within the framework of the"Econaviguer dans une AMP" Call for Projects is intended to be taken up outside the Var archipelago by the Agency for Marine Protected Areas.