Crisis management, share your experience with us

In this period of sanitary crisis which is disrupting your activity, the editorial staff of BoatIndustry is mobilized to offer you a space of expression. Share your experiences with other professionals by explaining how you manage your daily life.

Since Tuesday, March 17, 2020, France has been in a state of containment, impacting the economy of our country and in our case, the economy of the nautical sector. Most of the shipyards are closed and production has come to a halt. And for those who have managed to organise themselves to remain open, the supply chains are struggling to meet their needs.

A space for testimony

To support you in this difficult period, we propose you to share your experiences between professionals, on your BoatIndustry website. How are you organisé?? How do you manage your teams and production?? How do you manage your communication?? How do you prepare for reprise?? Have you decided to provide masks to your personnel??

Through our mail form We invite you to tell us how your company has adapted to containment and what the impact of this activity restriction is. We will share your testimonials with our professional readers, maybe this way you can find solutions together to survive and adapt to this crisis.

Solidarity of the sector

At a time when solidarity is called for, let us support each other. In a press release, FIN calls for solidarity from all so that the activity can continue and resume after the confinement. It also reminds us that each company must avoid as many risks as possible for its employees, without however guaranteeing " the absence of any exposure of employees to risks. "

What do you think, vous?? What measures are in place within your company to protect your salariés??

We're waiting for your testimonies so that we can contribute to this " Crisis management "which may be of great use to all.

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