The French Nautical Industries Federation calls on the sector to protect its common future

Faced with the difficulties linked to the health crisis, the Fédération des Industries Nautiques invites French yachting professionals to stay together and reminds them of the rules of collaboration that are essential for the sustainability of the yachting industry.

Interdependent boating companies

The yachting industry is made up of 5,000 companies in France. It directly employs 42,000 yachting professionals and generates more than 100,000 indirect jobs, according to the Fédération des Industries Nautiques (FIN). The sector is shaken, like the rest of the economy, by the health crisis linked to the Covid 19, which freezes nautical practices and closes shipyards and fittings stores. The trade union invites the sector to remain united, recalling the dependence of each company on its suppliers and customers and the rules to be respected for the good of all. "Each company must consolidate a sustainable relationship with its ecosystem. Safeguarding the logistics and production chain is essential to ensure the best possible resumption of activities. Each client, supplier, subcontractor or customer must consider the other as a sustainable partner. To weaken this partner is to damage the entire sector and thus threaten the future of all." At a time when everyone may be facing cash flow problems, a recall may unfortunately be necessary.

All responsible for the health of yachting employees

At a time when a trend towards a resumption of activity, with a reduced workforce, is on the agenda in the boating industry, the Federation wants to reassure business leaders about their responsibilities regarding the health of their employees. The association quotes the Ministry of Labour: "'it is not the responsibility of the employer to guarantee the absence of any exposure of employees to risks, but to avoid them as much as possible and if they cannot be avoided, to evaluate them regularly, in particular according to the recommendations of the government, in order to then take all useful measures to protect the exposed workers" It adds that the employee must "take care, in accordance with his training and according to his possibilities, of his health and safety and that of other persons affected by his acts or omissions at work" While the protection of employees, particularly in shipbuilding, was already a major issue in the industry before the Covid-19 crisis, these remarks will no doubt continue to fuel debate in the future.

Preparing for the 2020 sailing season

In conclusion, FIN invites the entire industry to prepare for deconfinement. Boaters should have a thirst for navigation and the association hopes that companies in the sector will be ready to meet this demand.