What innovations for boating at the JEC Award?

The JEC exhibition and its innovation competition is an opportunity to showcase technical advances in the field of composites. Some nautical companies are candidates for victory.

A category dedicated to shipbuilding

Depending on the year, the representation of the nautical sector varies at JEC World, the world meeting of composite materials. Candidates for the JEC Award in the shipbuilding category most often come from merchant shipyards. The 2020 vintage is an exception to the rule, with 2 candidates out of 3 active in the yachting sector:

  • The French fabric manufacturer Chomarat presents its G-Flow fibreglass complex, specially designed for infusion, with the Bénéteau Group to reduce waste and manufacturing time.
  • Rescoll candidate with the adhesive he developed for SEAir for the reversible attachment of foils to outboard motor bases. The foils can be removed using heated silicone patches, allowing quick dismantling for maintenance without altering the engine.
  • Norsepower, 3rd candidate, if not from the yachting sector, works on the related field of wind propulsion in the merchant navy. He presents his Magnus effect sail "Rotorsail", made of composite and 100% recycled PET resin.

Other boating companies

Boating is also represented in other categories. The Thai Cobra is competing in the recycling category with its reusable epoxy moulds for surfboard fins. Corso Magenta, associated with the laboratory of the University of Nantes and Multiplast, presents a system of dry paint film, primer or topcoat, to be deposited directly into the infusion mould.

Innovations in other categories can also inspire boating, such as hemp composites used as thermal insulation in Ariane rockets or Morris column roofs made of hemp.

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