TEMO: "Boating is 30 years behind urban mobility"

The innovative Temo electric dinghy engine

Alexandre Seux, inventor of the Temo electric motorogodle, explains the genesis of his project, its positioning in boating and mobility, as well as its industrial objectives.

To make boating evolve at the pace of mobility

The idea of Temo's invention was born in the mind of Alexandre Seux, its creator, following a long experience of navigation. At the end of a round-the-world trip on a 6.50 m sailing boat, the business school graduate leaves for 3 years for a shipyard in Sri Lanka. In his experiences, he has found that the difficulties encountered by boaters on their dinghies are the same all over the world. " I've always seen boaters being annoyed with their tenders and outboard motors. When I came back to France, I saw scooters and electric bikes everywhere. The evolution of urban mobility is brilliant. Boating is 30 years late! So I've been thinking about an evolution. "explains Temo's founder.

Invention of the Temo electric motogodille

Alexandre Seux based himself on what he knew and had seen in Asia in particular to invent Temo. " The first prototype was a simple propeller at the end of a pole. For the 2nd version, I worked with a design office. We've gone through several iterations. In particular, there are pole balance and hydrodynamics issues for the propeller, because the thrust is not horizontal as on an outboard motorboat "says Alexandre Seux.

Alexandre Seux (on the right), creator of Temo

Competing with traditional electric outboard motors

The commercial launch of the Temo electric motorcycle is promising. Presented for the first time at the Mille Sabords 2019 boat show, it seduced 25 pre-order yachtsmen. These pre-sales, supplemented by a fund-raising campaign, made it possible to launch industrialization. The manufacturing will be Made In France. Temo has chosen Axandus, a company based in Carquefou, near Nantes, as its industrial partner. " The first 100 units are offered at 1000euros to launch the product. The final price at 1450 euros makes it possible to be comparable with the small electric motors on the market. The objective is to carry out 70% of the work in BtoB through distribution networks and as an option in new construction sites. We keep 30% live to keep in touch with the user and the feedback "says Alexandre Seux.

After several prizes in nautical innovation competitions in 2019, 2020 promises to be a pivotal year for Temo.

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