Special Edition / Side by side, service boats adapted to all marinas

Foxy 660, shipyard's harbour service vessel Bord à Bord

The Bord à Bord shipyard builds professional aluminium boats. Its Buggy 545 and Foxsea 660 models, or its collaboration with Naviwatt for the ZenPro 580 electric semi-rigid, allow it to meet the needs of different types of marinas, whether pontoons or anchorages, with approved, robust and customizable vessels.

Port easement boats

The Bord à Bord shipyard has been building aluminium boats for professional use and pleasure since 2001. Based in Plestin Les Grèves, he has made a speciality of servitude vessels for the maintenance and operation of marinas. Two models have been specifically designed to meet the needs of port agents, the Buggy 545 and Foxsea 660. The company also collaborates with Naviwatt for the boiler making of the ZenPro 580 electric semi-rigid boats and responds to calls for tenders for custom-made barges according to the technical specifications of the shipowners.

Port barge for Fos-sur-Mer, Oeuvres Vives plans

Naviwatt ZenPro 580, working in the port in zero emission

To address the environmental issue, Bord à Bord is working with the Morbihan company Naviwatt. The company has developed electrically propelled semi-rigid boats designed specifically for marinas. The entire hull boilerwork and deck accessories of the ZenPro 580 model are made by side-by-side. These boats, equipped with an electric outboard motor equivalent to 80HP, with 32 kWh of batteries, meet the needs of port agents, with an autonomy of 2 days.

ZenPro 580

Buggy 545, a multi-purpose boat for marinas

Designed by Pierre Delion, the Buggy 545, the smaller of the two models, is 5.45 m long and 2.05 m wide. Its width and light weight of 750 kg make it transportable to the road gauge. With a flat bottom, its 260 mm draught allows it to access the bottom of silted harbours. A lowered bulwark makes it easier to load dockside equipment. The outboard motorization can reach 70 HP. The Buggy 545 can accommodate 5 passengers. Its versatility and simplicity are its main arguments to seduce ports that can use it for both work and port surveillance.

Buggy 545
Buggy 545 with push front

Foxsea 660, a beachable boat for anchorage areas

Designed by ?uvres Vives, the Foxsea 660 completes the range with a larger size. 6.60 m long and 2.30 m wide, the boat has a light displacement of 1.5 tons. It is equipped with a hinged front door for easy loading of material from a beach or slipway. It can be fitted with a 150 N capacity jib crane. Rear platforms make engine maintenance easier and provide additional water access. 150 hp is the maximum power that can be installed on the outboard engine. The Foxsea 660 can accommodate 6 people on board. Its program is a perfect fit for anchorage area managers.

Foxsea 660

Adaptable, Division 222-approved vessels

Developed from the standard model, each boat is designed according to the specifications of the marina for its type of operation. The aluminium construction, which does not require a mould, offers a great deal of latitude in the layout of the working deck. Variations can range from the addition of cleats to a push front in transparent defence so as not to mark large yachts, as the Bord à Bord shipyard has done for ports on the Côte d'Azur.

All the boats are homologated by the Maritime Affairs according to division 222 for the 5th or 4th category of navigation.

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