Finance Act: Will pleasure licences finance the SNSM?

Lifeboat SNS144

MP Jimmy Pahun has tabled an amendment to the draft Finance Act to support the National Marine Rescue Society (SNSM). He explains his willingness to use the income from the yachting licence to ensure the sustainability of assistance to seafarers in difficulty.

Financing the SNSM through pleasure licences

Jimmy Pahun, Modem deputy of Morbihan and former skipper, has tabled an amendment to the draft 2020 Finance Law in order to ensure the long-term financing of the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM). The text provides for the income from the taxation of the pleasure licence to be allocated to the SNSM budget. Previous assignments related to offshore wind or on-board casinos do not provide the necessary income and are variable. The project underlines the stability of the pleasure licence product, providing good visibility for the SNSM.

MP Jimmy Pahun visits the SNSM

Painless financing for boaters

" We had several other ideas for financing the SNSM, such as having insurers or marinas contribute. But the one of the pleasure licence was the simplest and most effective. "explains Jimmy Pahun.

Only new boat licence holders will contribute, leaving sailors out in the cold. But the deputy nuances:" The measure is painless for everyone, motorboat or sailboat, because the price of the licence does not increase, it is only a question of directing the taxes on the pleasure licence to the SNSM. In addition, the SNSM is an association that must also live on private funds and it is not a question of preventing boaters from making donations. "It also indicates that the State's ?6 million subsidies through Maritime Affairs will be maintained.

Terms to be specified

SNSM has just signed the contract with the Couach shipyard to renew its fleet of lifeboats. The budget necessary for the operation of the institution is estimated at around ?8 million per year, while the taxation of the pleasure licence brings in around ?10 million per year. " It is planned to cap the part dedicated to SNSM at ?4.5 million. The subject will be debated in the Committee on Sustainable Development on 7 October. We have the support of the rapporteur and the LREM Group, I am confident that this text can succeed. It seems to me that this is the right answer that the President of the Republic wanted after the tragedy in Les Sables d'Olonne. "concludes Congressman Jimmy Pahun.

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