Nauti-Link wants to facilitate the transfer of nautical companies

Bruno Voisard, founder of Nauti-Link

Bruno Voisard launched Nauti-Link in the 2019 school year. He explains the objectives and the genesis of his activity in the acquisition and sale of nautical and pleasure boating companies.

Putting nautical entrepreneurs in contact with people from elsewhere

Bruno Voisard, a boating consultant with many years of experience in boat rental and construction, created Nauti-Link in 2019. Its objective is to offer a specialized service in the field of the transfer and acquisition of nautical companies. He wishes to ensure the link between sellers and potential buyers and investors. "Today, if you want to put your company up for sale, going through a third party guarantees discretion. This avoids worrying customers or banks, in a fast-paced boating environment. In addition, it gives more opportunities to the seller who benefits from more buy-back proposals. This avoids the transfer to the 1st bidder as often happens in small nautical companies" explains Bruno Voisard.

Naut-Link indicates that it has a portfolio of about twenty transactions available. All nautical companies, these are companies ranging from boat rental companies to equipment manufacturers and shipyards, located in France and overseas.

Use your experience to your advantage

The entrepreneur identified the need after the multiple requests of his entourage arriving at the end of his career. "For the past 2 years, I have been contacted by professional boating friends who want to sell and transfer their businesses. It is often a first exercise for them. They're asking for my opinion. I have experience of about 20 transactions in the last 40 years."

Bruno Voisard sold Nautitech to Bavaria in 2014

Ensure transmission beyond the transaction

The services go beyond connecting. Naut-Link also offers to support the transmission by including the before and after transfer. "We can prepare the ground for 2-3 years to make it work. Many small boxes are often too much embodied by the boss. We need support both upstream and downstream," says the founder of Nauti-Link. "My job is boating and not M&A. I surround myself with specialists." The company works with lawyers and the Bac law firm in Nantes for legal and social aspects.