Interview / Vita SuperPower: "We want to expand our electric boat charging stations."

Vita SuperPower electric boat charging station in Cannes

After the opening of 2 charging stations for electric boats in the Mediterranean, the British start-up Vita Power explains its ambitions and its positioning in the development of alternative powertrains in the yachting industry.

From electric boat to charging stations

Vita Power was born from a high-end electric boat project. Founded in 2017, it began by developing the Vita IX, a 9-metre runabout with an electric motor, inspired by the tradition of lake boats in northern Italy. Marketed under the Vita Yachts brand, it should be followed by the Vita X, a 10-metre unit. The project led the company to propose its electrical engineering to other shipyards and then to consider recharging systems for pleasure craft. Its marketing director, Jessica Touschek, was kind enough to answer our questions about the ambitions of this new project and the company's activities.

What is Vita's organization and how many people work there?

Our activity started as Vita Yachts in 2017, with the first goal of producing the first premium electric boat inspired by classic design. Since then, the company has developed two other branches: Vita Power, which offers our unique propulsion solution to other shipyards interested in clean electrical construction or conversions, and Vita SuperPower for charging stations. The 3 branches are managed by our main team based on Lake Maggiore in Italy, but we also have a technical team working from our office in the United Kingdom.

Vita Yacht

How many Vita SuperPower electric boat charging stations are currently in service?

There is one at the Monaco Yacht Club, made up of 2 charging stations offering a total power of 100 kWh. They should quickly be replaced by our 2nd generation charger which delivers a power of 150 kWh from a single unit. A second charging hub is in operation in the Old Port of Cannes.

What is the development strategy for this Vita SuperPower network? Which customers are you targeting: marinas or individuals with their own jetties?

Other charging stations will be opened on the Côte d'Azur in the coming months, before a global development to revolutionize the electric boat industry. Our goal is to enable the world's most beautiful coastlines to establish a lasting tradition of zero-emission boating. We are currently focusing on key marinas, but our technology is flexible. In the end, we want to encourage the use of electric boats wherever possible and if our shippers can help persuade private owners to make the transition from diesel, that's good.

Vita SuperPower bollard in Monaco

Where are the facilities designed and produced? Do you work with manufacturers of electric motors or specific batteries?

The equipment for our first generation chargers was purchased externally, but the next generation, which will be launched in the coming months, was designed and produced next to Vita's headquarters in northern Italy. From design to inauguration, the first Moncao kiosks took 6 months. For the engines of our boats, we work with the manufacturer UQM and for batteries with the Austrian Kreisel.