ComposiTIC and Irma: bridges between research and boating

Yves-Marie Corre, research engineer at ComposiTIC

Materials and their implementation are at the heart of innovation in boating and ocean racing. Focus on ComposiTIC and Irma, 2 structures in Lorient that link research laboratories and manufacturers of pleasure boating and professional sailing.

Make research more accessible to the sailing world

Research on materials has traditionally been the domain of universities and laboratories in France. In Brittany, the IRDL (Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lome) brings together about sixty people divided between ENSTA Bretagne in Brest and the University of South Brittany. Unfortunately, these researchers may sometimes seem difficult for industrialists and particularly SMEs to access. "That's why in 2014 the idea came up to create ComposiTIC, a technology transfer platform that serves as a gateway between industry and the university. This makes it easier for manufacturers to come to us. We are here to allow them to prove their concept," explains Yves-Marie Corre, research engineer and technical manager of the structure. A second entity, Irma, has since been created to finalize the transfer of technologies developed for manufacturers and validate the industrialization potential.

A multi-skilled laboratory

To meet all the demands, ComposiTIC employs about ten engineers. While materials specialists are the most numerous, digitists and mechatronics specialists are required for the use and development of the laboratory's large machine park, which includes several draping robots and 3D printers. The teams develop new materials for customers and partners or test the implementation processes. large machine park of the laboratory which has several draping robots and 3D printers. The teams develop new materials for customers and partners or test the implementation processes.

From simple services to collaborative projects

ComposiTIC works with manufacturers at different levels of engagement. Simple services such as the printing of parts or the characterization of materials for industrial companies, represent between 30% and 40% of the structure's revenues. The remaining funds come from collaborative projects with partners. Accustomed to the process, ComposiTIC puts this expertise at the service of industrialists to scientifically structure their research and their file in order to facilitate their search for financing. A simple request for a service sometimes leads to successful theses!

Focus on water sports

Initially oriented towards aeronautics and aerospace, ComposiTIC and Irma want to reach out more broadly to the nautical sector. Located in Lorient, the structures already work with offshore racing teams, particularly for the characterization of materials. The Foil Addict project is the first emblematic example of a collaborative project carried out in the nautical sector by ComposiTIC. He brought together the Absolute Dreamer and Seair manufacturers around additive methods for the manufacture of foils. Two theses followed, as well as the birth of Avel Robotics, which now uses a robot comparable to that of ComposiTIC.

Let's bet that the arrival of Luce Molinier to develop Irma's presence in boating and ocean racing should lead to new collaborations.

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