Dometic ends the Oceanair porthole blackout brand

Oceanair renamed Dometic Marine Blinds

The Dometic group renamed the brand of blackout curtains for portholes and deck hatches Oceanair, now known as Dometic Marine Blinds. End of a recognized name, but commercial and marketing opportunities, confirms Patrick Carro from Interdist, French distributor.

Dometic renames the occultants Oceanair

The Dometic group, one of the largest marine equipment manufacturers, announced at the Miami International Boat Show the disappearance of the Oceanair brand. The blackout curtains for portholes and deck hatches will now be marketed under the name Dometic Marine Blinds. This choice comes 2 years after the acquisition of the British company by the Scandinavian group in February 2017.

A growth opportunity for former Oceanair products

The Dometic Group's management sees the new commercial name of its blackout curtains as an opportunity to develop its business and open it up to new markets. "The Dometic brand will open up the outlets for Oceanair products to a much wider audience," explains Peter Kjellberg, marketing manager of the Dometic group. "Dometic has a strong presence in the nautical and maritime markets and with our extensive expertise in recreational vehicles and the hotel sector, we are determined to bring Oceanair's high-end designs to these new markets, new customers and new applications."

Dometic also brings its products from recreational vehicles to the navy

This choice comes in a very positive context for the Dometic group, which announced a 30% growth in 2018 compared to its previous year, driven to 22% by acquisitions, 5% organically and 3% by currency fluctuations. The marine sector posted the strongest increase, +11%.

Continuity in Oceanair distribution in France

For Patrick Carro, head of Interdist, Oceanair's distributor in France, the announcement is in line with an approach that provides commercial and marketing synergies with Dometic. "We will continue to distribute the products with the same functioning and collaboration. Blackout curtains remain very different fields of activity from the fridge or air conditioning. There is a very different approach, with a lot of refits and yachts for Oceanair. We will continue to manage the OEM business. In addition, we are having discussions in terms of marketing synergy, for example for the Cannes Motor Show, to further enhance the visibility of occultants on our two stands."

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