TID, the stainless steel specialist for water sports soon to be installed in La Rochelle

TID Store

Theix Inox Diffusion will open a new store in La Rochelle. A choice of complementary development of Internet sales for the specialist in stainless steel screws and fittings, explains its manager Philippe Renault.

A new TID store in La Rochelle

Theix Inox Diffusion (TID) is expanding. The Morbihan-based company, which specialises in fittings and stainless steel fasteners, is to set up a new store. The new location will be located in the Périgny area, in the rocky suburbs, near local shipyards such as RM or Dufour sailboats. The site, with a total surface area of 200 m², is scheduled to open in mid-April 2019. It will have an exhibition space of 150 m².


Search for boaters and shipyards outside Morbihan

TID currently employs around ten people during peak periods, with 630 m² of buildings and a 70 m² shop. The company has made a good reputation in stainless steel fittings. But it is locally based and the establishment in Charente-Maritime should enable it to reach a new clientele. "We realize that a large part of our turnover is generated in 56," explains Philippe Renault, manager of TID. "We can see that craftsmen like to work locally. This second store has great potential."

Stainless steel fasteners

A necessary complement to online sales

The TID website provides an important part of its activity. Philippe Renault nevertheless remains convinced of the usefulness of physical stores. "Today, we make 20% of our sales directly on the website and another 20% to people who have found us through the web. But we realize that people who do DIY like to see the pieces, measure them and talk. We have a lot of traffic in our store in Theix. It is necessary to be located as close as possible to the user."

The Périgny store will display 600 references of stainless steel fittings, screws, a little tooling. "The customer will find everything presented on the website there," explains Philippe Renault. A stainless steel tube cutting service will also be available on site. Storage, mainly on Theix initially, will gradually increase at La Rochelle.

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