A boat show in Venice in 2019

Yachts and pleasure boats in the heart of the Venice Arsenal

The holding of a boat show in Venice from 18 to 23 June 2019 has been confirmed. A new ambitious attempt after the setbacks of the yachting event scheduled for 2016 in the Serenissima.

A new boat show in Venice

The launch of a new boat show in Venice in 2019 has just been confirmed. The announcement was made during the Boot of Düsseldorf by representatives of the 3 Venetian marinas, accompanied by the mayor of the Italian city, Luigi Brugnaro. The rally will take place from 18 to 23 June 2019 in the heart of the Arsenal and its basins, which once housed the construction of the galleys of the Republic of Venice.

Boats up to 35 meters

The lounge has 40,000 m² of pool and 500 linear metres of platforms. More than 100 boats will be able to be displayed afloat, while another 100 will be displayed ashore. Floating units will be able to reach 35 metres, while boats less than 10 metres in length will be welcomed on solid ground. A 13,000 m² area will be dedicated to sea trials. 3,500 m² of covered area will be used to present nautical companies and equipment in the former shipbuilding naves.

The visit of the works of the Venice Biennale exhibited in the Arsenal will complete the experience, the event being held simultaneously.

Support from the Ferretti group

While an attempt to launch a major nautical industry event in Venice failed in 2016, the new Serenissima Boat Show can count on the support of the Ferretti group, the largest transalpine yachting industry. Its CEO Alberto Galassi, who was present during the presentation, announced the presence of the new 50-metre steel Riva superyacht as the highlight of the show. The show is part of the desire to develop local marinas in the large yachting market, but also to welcome smaller boaters on stopovers.