Vitamarine, the antifouling manufacturer wants to develop its brand image

Application of antifouling paint

If the antifouling brand Vitamarine from the manufacturer SOLTA is not the best known, its chemical know-how, applied in many other fields, gives it the legitimacy to develop in the nautical industry. A choice explained to us by its sales manager Ludovic Burgaud.

A know-how in the chemistry of paints

The Société des Laboratoires de Technologie Appliquée, SOLTA, was founded in 1983 in the Paris region. Initially specialized in the manufacture of pigment pastes and inks, the company has developed into the paint market. In 2010, it was acquired by Florent Lebaye, its laboratory manager, who launched an innovation policy. "In the years 2011/2012, the decision was made to diversify into the boating sector. With its know-how and skills in chemistry, SOLTA launched into the production of antifouling and created the Vitamarine brand, for pleasure craft and professional, fishing or servitude boats. Today, it is a small and medium-sized company with more than ten employees," explains Ludovic Burgaud, SOLTA's marine sales manager.

Legislation boosts the production of subcontracted paint

SOLTA already works with mail order sites and large generalist distributors for whom the company produces marine paints and antifouling under their brand names. This sector is important and tends to develop. "With the evolution of biocides legislation, we have also been approached by small manufacturers to produce for them," says Ludovic Burgaud. Indeed, the certification costs associated with the regulatory change have discouraged some manufacturers from continuing their own production. To keep their brands alive, they are turning to subcontracting. For its part, SOLTA is working on the development of new biocides.

Develop the image of the Vitamarine brand

The Vitamarine brand remains little known to the general public. The company wishes to develop the market for this own brand, the second foot of its strategy in the nautical sector. "We want to develop to be more present in shipyards and expand Vitamarine's network of dealers. For this purpose, we are looking for a distributor in the south of France. We must build a network," says Ludovic Burgaud.

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