Storing your boat: a collaborative alternative to dry port, a collaborative site to leave your boat with your neighbour

2 entrepreneurs from Marseille are launching the website, a collaborative solution to connect boat owners with individuals and professionals who have storage space. Brice Guintrand, its co-founder, explains the project, its genesis and its development planning.

A start-up pro with a passion for boats

The idea of was born in the head of the young Marseille entrepreneur Brice Guintrand. Already familiar with the world of start-ups after having set up 2 of them in the field of holiday rental and marketing, he is passionate about boats. When he acquires a semi-rigid, he experiences the difficulty of storing it. "There is a real storage problem. Even dry ports are saturated. In addition, we want to have the boat near us so that we can do some tinkering on it at the weekend," explains Brice Guintrand. He therefore joined forces with his friend Marine Bagnaud, previously artistic director in Corsica, to create, a collaborative boat storage solution.

Marine Bagnaud and Brice Guintrand, founders of

Make the link between the boats and the available storage locations

To design, Brice Guintrand is inspired by collaborative economy sites that work, such as Blablacar and AirBnB. The principle is simple: a bateaustockeur, private or professional, offers an available space for the storage of a boat, specifying the characteristics. He can thus give the dimensions, the distance to the launch site, indicate if the ground is closed, if the space is covered, if there is video surveillance, etc... He fills in photos. The software calculates a recommended price based on the information. The user can then modify it. Similarly, the bateauskipper, owner of the boat, fills out his form. The site and its search engine connect members and are remunerated by a commission on the transaction. The main target is boats less than 5 m long.

Options and flexibility of use for the yachtsman

The company is considering various options. is currently in discussion with insurance companies to offer coverage for the stored boat. A video surveillance subscription will also be offered via a camera connected in 4G to the owner's smartphone, provided that the storekeeper accepts the principle. Finally, the latter will be able to offer his services for launching if he has a trailer permit and a towing device.
The storage time and number of launches will depend on user needs. "You can book for a month, 3 days or a season. The empty trailer can also be stored. It is up to the users to agree among themselves," explains Brice Guintrand.

Services for boating professionals

The site will also be accessible to professionals, through a dedicated space that will allow the management of several places. Preferential offers are being studied and a system of promotion will be put in place once the number of available storage space is sufficiently large.

Launch for the 2018 nautical season should be operational for the 2018 nautical season. The company is currently raising 300 €k. The first shareholders have invested and technical development is underway.