Feelnets, a new player in the boat trampoline

Feelnets launches into multihull trampolines

The trampoline is an essential element of multihulls. Frédéric du Rivau explains why he is launching Feelnets, a company dedicated to the sale of trampolines for boats and presents his vision of the market in terms of products and customers.

A specialist in trampoline in water sports

Before creating Feelnets in October 2018, Frédéric du Rivau already had a great experience of boating. After having worked for many years with the Stardust boat rental companies, then Sunsail, as a sales representative and broker market manager, he participated in the launch of the SEDNA booking platform used by professionals and tour operators to manage their rental fleet. He then joined France Trampoline, a French historical player, to develop the nautical and residential activity.

Trampoline for catamarans

To serve boat rental companies as well as possible

By creating Feelnets, Frédéric du Rivau intends to respond as well as possible to the market that he knows many professional boat rental companies. " I have a good knowledge of customers and manufacturers. With the flexibility of a small house, I can offer them a better reactivity with a good price and fast delivery. "Feelnets' main target is daycharter retrofitting and classic rental. The market is important, with a charter company changing the trampoline of its catamarans every 4 to 5 years in the West Indies and the Tropics, while its lifespan is 6 to 7 years on a multihull operated in the Mediterranean.

Custom-made trampoline made in France

Feelnets has reached an agreement with a workshop in the Bordeaux region equipped with an overlock machine. The latter receives the material and plans drawn up by Frédéric du Rivau from his catalogue for models of boats already known or surveys for special projects.

The rental market is seeing an increase in the share of fast catamarans

Towards an evolution of trampoline materials on multihulls

Feelnets mainly offers trampolines made of braided polyester. The 30x30 mm meshes are preferred to allow water to pass through on boats sailing regularly, while the narrower 13x13 mm spacing is installed on multihulls that focus on anchoring. Feelnets also works with Serge Ferrari's prestressed PVC material. " These materials are chosen for their durability, comfort and good UV resistance, with a low relaxation rate. Tomorrow, we will probably work on the lighter dyneema for fast boats, even in the rental market where there is more and more demand for these multihulls. "explains Frédéric du Rivau. " Discussions are already underway with construction sites ", he adds.