Vitrifrigo: a refrigerator with drawers that turns into a freezer

DRW 180 A, Vitrifrigo's modular refrigerator freezer

Vitrifrigo innovates for boat kitchens. The Italian brand launches the DRW 180 A, a refrigerator combi freezer with a single compressor. Ventilated cooling, choice of drawer temperature independent, compactness... The product has enough to seduce both the yachtsman and the installer.

Temperature-independent selection

Vitrifrigo, an Italian company specialising in cold management, is launching a new drawer refrigerator for pleasure boats. The DRW 180 A, with two drawers, is distinguished by its modularity. The yachtsman can choose whether to use a compartment as a refrigerator at 4°C or as a freezer at -18°C, independently for each drawer. The product innovation lies in the use of a single high-capacity compressor to manage the entire system. A touch panel on the front panel allows you to choose the desired configuration and set the temperature.

Ventilated refrigeration technology

As in domestic refrigerators, the DRW 180 A uses ventilated refrigeration technology. The forced air circulation in the compartments prevents the formation of ice. It is therefore no longer necessary to defrost the refrigerator when wintering the boat. "Real ventilated cooling is a first on board the boats," says Benoît Massard-Combe of VDM-Reya, Vitrifrigo's distributor in France.

Vitrifrigo's technical know-how and finishes

A major player in refrigeration management for supermarkets, Vitrifrigo applies its know-how to the yachting industry. All equipment, including compressors, is produced in Italy. The DRW 180 A is made of 316 L stainless steel with drawers with damped movements. Available in 12 V, 24 V or 240 V, it is available with several mounting versions, flush or with protruding doors. Its dimensions allow a simple retrofit with the old DW 180 model.

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